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Making disciples of Jesus Christ through

Unqualified Acceptance, Resolute Grounding

& Tangible Empowerment

Downtown  Campus

224 S Wood St 

(just South of the square)


Christian Life Center

1111 N. Bus. 49 Hwy

Sunday AM 

Public House Worship

@Indian Springs Brewing Co.

(on the square) - 9 AM

"Classic Worship" downtown campus

Sunday School - 9:30

Worship - 10:45 AM 

Last Sun of Ea Month,

Classic Worship

 @ Christian Life Center 

same times

(417) 451-2310


Mail: PO Box 509

Neosho, MO 64850

Sunday AM

Join us for worship any Sunday!


You'll find us at the pub at 9 AM (see "PHW" to the right.)


Later that morning, you'll find us at the downtown Neosho campus

at 10:45 AM for classic hymns,

liturgy, choir, handbells, and children's church.  

We practice open communion on the first Sunday of each month.


On the LAST SUNDAY of any

given month we have Sun school & the "classic" service at our

Christian Life Center - same times.


Miss a week?  Watch video of our latest Sunday message by choosing the "Sermons" tab above, or browse our full catalog of audio sermons by clicking Here.    

Come, let us bow down in worship let us kneel before the Lord our Maker... Today, if only you would hear his voice.

-Psalm 95:6-7

Sermon Series

We're divided too often and too easily.  Surely there's more middle ground than it seems.

As followers of Jesus, how do we best react to the polarizing issues of our day?  

Do we demean and demonize those we disagree with?  Do we take a "devil may care" attitude?  Or do we do the hard work of trying to understand and honor others, even if their perspectives challenge our thinking?


Join us over the month of January as we seek a better way forward in the face of some of the thornier issues of our day.

01/5 - Faith and Immigration

01/12 - Faith and Politics

01/19 - Faith and Guns


01/26 - Faith and Healthcare 

(at the Christian Life Center!) 

Mission/ Vision

Like every other Christian church, our Mission is defined for us by Jesus himself in

Matthew 28: 19-20. 

Everything we do is to be geared toward meeting this commission.

Therefore, our mission simply stated is:

To Make disciples of

Jesus Christ. 

How we imagine disciples are formed is our Vision.  At NUMC we are striving to make disciples of Jesus by becoming a church of:

Unqualified Acceptance

welcoming every person

"as they are, or as

they may become."  This means every-one.  Regardless.  


Resolute Grounding

promoting faith built upon

the fullness of Scripture,

the witness of Tradition and

the gift of Reason.

Tangible Empowerment

offering the tools needed to change one's life, to think for one's self, to impact one's world and to share God's grace. 


Join us each Sunday at the pub for Public House Worship - 9 AM at 

Indian Springs Brewing Co.

on the historic Neosho square.


Mitch has been meeting all kinds of people he's dubbed "the spiritually independent;" folks who ask hard questions and don’t truck with easy answers. Friends who don’t fit in the boxes they feel placed in by church, but still want to be part of something bigger. Mates who aren’t OK with the status quo, but still pine for real, guided God-connections. Thus, PHW is an expression of church for folks who don’t really “do church.” 

Whatever PHW is, we want it to be generous without too much pre-defining. We desire it to be faithful. And we hope it leads you to make new connections with other folks, with God, & within yourself.  It's intended to be welcoming of all people without qualification; the unsheltered, uninitiated, misfit, red/blue, well-scrubbed or reluctant - we’re all in this thing together (appreciating that may be

our only rule.) 

So if you feel like a square peg, come on out to discover that God is something new. 




If you're new to town or just looking to establish yourself within a worshipping community marked by Unqualified Acceptance, Resolute Grounding & Tangible Empowerment,   you can find a home at NUMC.  We pride ourselves on being a "thinking person's church" who welcomes and loves all persons...regardless.  

We strive to be founded on the best understandings of Scripture,  reason and tradition.  And we work to give you practical tools to think for yourself, change your life, and impact our world for the cause of grace.  

Pay us a visit and I'm confident you will be warmly welcomed, appropriately challenged, and will experience the Spirit's presence within our worship.

I look forward to meeting you soon.  

                                        Living Faith!

 -Pastor Mitch Jarvis