Like every church, our Mission is defined for us by Jesus himself in Matthew 28: 19-20; to "make disciples."  Everything we do is to be geared toward meeting this commission. Therefore, our mission simply stated is: 

To Make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

How each church goes about making disciples, however, is unique to them;

this is their Vision.  

At NUMC we are striving to make disciples of Jesus by becoming a church of:

Unqualified Acceptance - welcoming every person "as they are, or as they may become."  

This means every-one.  Regardless.  


Resolute Grounding - promoting faith built upon the fullness of Scripture, 

the witness of Tradition and the gift of Reason.

Tangible Empowerment - offering the tools needed to change one's life, to think for one's self, to impact one's world and to share God's grace.