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Join us each Sunday at the pub for Public House Worship - 9 AM at 

Indian Springs Brewing Co. - on the historic Neosho square.

Why have church in a bar?  

Mitch has been meeting all kinds of people he's dubbed "the spiritually independent," folks who ask hard questions and don’t truck with easy answers, friends who don’t fit in the boxes they feel placed in by church, but still want to be part of something bigger, mates who aren’t OK with the status quo, but still pine for real, guided God-connections. Thus, PHW is an expression of church for folks who don’t really “do church.” 

Whatever PHW is, we want it to be generous without too much pre-defining. We desire it to be faithful and excellent and good. And we hope it leads you to make new connections with other folks, with God, & within yourself.  It's intended to be welcoming of all people without qualification; the unsheltered, uninitiated, misfit, red/blue, well-scrubbed or reluctant - we’re all in this thing together (appreciating that may be our only rule.)


So if you feel like a square peg, come on out to discover that God is something new. 

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You might also be interested in Theology on Tap - also held at Indian Springs.

Described as "generous, community, conversation," ToT is a guided, but open format discussion on all considerations theological (politics, relationships, religion & science, death, traditions, Native American spirituality, pop-culture...)  

Pastor Mitch facilitates this diverse group of engaged/curious folks, often with the help of a guest co-host/expert.

Did we mention there's good beer on hand?!

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